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Are you looking for professional educational testing, teaching and tutoring combined with the warmth and understanding that a seasoned home schooling mom can bring?

Based in Columbus, Ohio, I offer academic testing using the nationally normed and standardized Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement.  Additionally, private mathematics tutoring and enrichment, as well as small group hands-on math classes, are available in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

In addition to being a duly authorized W-J III Achievement Test administrator with hundreds of individual tests given to kids of all ages, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics grades 6 - 12.  My ongoing professional development--designed to keep my skills cutting edge--includes coursework in teaching the elementary aged child, problem based approaches, using manipulatives for the kinesthetic and concrete learners, and holistic approaches such as teaching math through art.   I have more than a decade of teaching and tutoring experience in individual and institutional, public and private settings with all ages pre-K through grade 12.  Moreover, I've taught my own three kids since their birth.  I can relate to you as a parent and to your child, coming alongside your family to help you achieve the goals you've set forth for your kids.

On the right are what some of my satisfied clients have had to say.  I look forward to you becoming one of them! 

Dana Ramsey 

"I took my son to have the WJIII test administered by Dana last month. It really was a nice experience; Dana was very comfortable to work with and the environment was relaxed and stress free. We were able to recieve immediate feedback and let me have a base line for understanding where my son falls in the larger spectrum."
Tammy P

"If I hadn't recently enrolled my kids in BOSS, we would
still be tutoring with Dana.  She has done an excellent job and is
wonderful to work with.  The boys have really enjoyed her.  Dana has
been particularly good at understanding the boys unique and
completely opposite styles of learning, and adjusting  her teaching
strategies for each one.  I had her administer the Woodcock Johnson
test before we started tutoring and again on their last session.  On
average, they have moved up 2 grade levels already. Thanks Dana!!!"

"My DD and I wanted to say how helpful we found Dana's assessment
(Woodcock Johnson III) which we utilized two years ago.  DD enjoyed the
experience immensely.  She still remembers it: "It was like playing
games and just talking.  And Ms. Dana was REALLY nice, mom."  The
experience was easy, efficient, and provided truly useful feedback for
us.  Thanks again Dana for your professionalism, warmth, and expertise."

T actually enjoyed taking the test and that is pretty much a miracle and a tribute to you as a person.  Thanks again."
God Bless you!

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